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Professionals dedicated to caring for and improving your day to day

Somosalud, a healthy and balanced life

The conscience of health, the salts of life

We take care of you

Products of the highest quality and suitable for vegans, celiacs and pregnant women.

Innovative products

We work with non-transgenic Stevia.


We do not take risks

Products tested.

We want to take care of your day to day

Somosalud, a group of professionals dedicated to caring for and improving your day to day life, knows that every person has the right to know about the existence of other methods to maintain health in optimum conditions. Our will is based on awakening the conscience helping to discover those elements that allow us to maintain a healthy and balanced life. Somosalud is a company at the service of the human being to present an effective, simple and accessible method of healing. It is not about healing people, but teaching them not to get sick.

Our products are different and innovative

We use biocompatible substances, which respect our living environment such as stevia, and others that replace lactose and / or gluten. They are all in THE PODIUM OF EFFICACY because their absorption is directed directly towards the heart of the cell.

We don’t take risks

All our products are safe and absolutely tested, in this way every person – professional or not of health – will be able to use it, knowing that it does not interact with any allopathic medicine.

Our products differentiate us

Our products are born of the growing need to be transparent with products that achieve a common goal, reach the whole world, with only the truth that costs and is not easy.

Products for all uses and people where the importance is their quality without any harmful ingredient for the health of mine and yours.

With no harmful ingredient for health.

Tested by ourselves, with 20 years of experience and a multitude of people that without them their dream would be impossible. We are proud of the final result. With all this and with everything that could be said, try them and I assure you that you will repeat

They do not interact with other allopathic products.

The product is innovative and novel, there is nothing in the world similar. We are the first to work with epigenetics.

All the ingredients that make up our non-transgenic products.

For all kinds of people, celiacs, pregnant …

Not GMO, not transgenic.

Without lactose, without gluten, vegan product. With Estevia. (Shussler salts carry lactose or gluten …)

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